A Special Police Officer or SPO, is any person who is commissioned and approved to be a privately hired police officer with full arrest powers within an area or premises which the officer has been employed to protect.


Armed SPO’s are required to complete a 80-hour course before they can be licensed as an armed SPO. This course includes classroom instruction to discuss the policy on the Use of Force, Use of Force Continuum, Handling of services weapons, weapon safety, when SPO’s may discharge their firearm and when discharging a firearm is prohibited. All of this is followed by a written examination and a weapons qualification at a firing range. Students will also be certified in the use of a tactical baton, pepper spray and handcuffing.


Topics covered in class are but not limited to: 

  • DC criminal code

  • MPD General and Special Orders

  • How to write bar notices

  • When an arrest can be made for blocking passage otherwise known as incommoding

  • Drinking in public

  • Military time

  • Proper writing etiquette in report writing

  • Patrol techniques

  • Tourism awareness training

  • Uniform/Equipment presentation

  • Crime scene protection

  • Public relations training

  • Special Police and Security Safety

  • Metal detector application


Upon completion, students are sworn in as a law enforcement officer and will be able to provide contracted police services on your post. These services include conducting investigations and the power of arrest.

Minimum Requirements 


  • 21 Years of Age

  • a citizen of the United States of America

  • of good moral character

To register for course all applicants must obtain:

  • Valid - Driving license or State ID

  • Birth certificate or non-expired Passport

  • Social Security Card

  • If there are prior arrests, must bring deposition from the court showing the outcome of charges


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